Cookies Policy

Bangpoo Asset Management Company Limited (the “Company”) uses Cookies or other similar technologies on the Company’s website in order to provide you
with a better experience from use of website and to help the Company to improve the Company's website service quality to better meet your preference.
1. What are Cookies?
Cookies are small files of data which are downloaded to web browsers on your electronic devices or your
internet connected devices in order to store information about the Company’s website visits and your settings.
The Company servers will retrieve the stored information and collect and use such information to develop the Company’s service gradually and efficiently.
2. Types and Purposes of Use of Cookies
The Company’s website will use Cookies according to the types and purposes such as:
2.1 Strictly Necessary Cookies – These Cookies are necessary for performance of the Company’s website
in order that you can access to information and use the Company's website safely.
2.2 Functional Cookies – These Cookies will remember you during website visit and personalization to facilitate you when you are back to use the website again.
2.3 Analytic/Performance Cookies – These Cookies will enable the Company to analyze or evaluate website
performance and to understand your interest in order to manage, improve and better the Company’s website.
2.4 Advertising Cookies – These Cookies will remember your personalized setting for use of the Company’s website
and will use the information for webpage customization to set up, modify and properly introduce information or advertisement to suit your interest and preference.
3. Data Collection of Cookies
The Company will automatically collect your website visit information through Cookies such as:
3.1 Internet Domain and IP Number or Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) from the website access point
3.2 Types of browser software including structure and operating system used for accessing to the Company’s website
3.3 Date and time you access to the Company’s website
3.4 Other website address which you use to connect to the Company’s website or leave the Company’s website
3.5 Total number of the Company’s website visitors, website visitor behavior, total number of website pages you access, web sessions and website information you visit
3.6 Preferred language and recent keyword search you used
Such website visit information will not be disclosed or be personal identifiable to you and will not contain any personal specific information.
4. Cookies Setting and Refusal of Cookies
You can choose to refuse Cookies by setting your browser or your privacy in order to restrict the storage of data
through Cookies in the future (you can inquire more information on Cookies setting and Cookies restriction at
However, some service on the Company’s website requires Cookies. If you set your browser or your privacy by refusing
or restricting all Cookies, it may cause you inconvenience in accessing the Company’s website and limiting website usage.
5. Website Connection to External Parties
The Company may connect the Company’s website to other website which is under control of external parties
for advertising or offering benefits according to your interest. They may collect information on your website
access which might be information you have given to the Company through the Company’s website such as browse history,
website access, page you visited after leaving the Company’s website. You may need to learn more
about Cookies policy of external parties to be aware of how they use Cookies.